991 Parkway
991 Parkway Present/ columbus, OH
991 Parkway columbus, OH

This home is a complete conversion of a single-family dwelling.

Year (Re)Built



2,270 sf

What was once a ranch home is now a story-and-a-half modern gable style home. Complete with 3 bedrooms, 4 baths, wood burning fireplace, first floor master, detached garage, and outdoor living space. Every detail was carefully executed to create this modern dwelling.

Parkway Exterior

Photography Credit: Arc Photography

Parkway Interior

Photography Credit: Arc Photography

Photography Credit: Arc Photography

Parkway Pantry

Photography Credit: Arc Photography

Parkway Kitchen

Photography Credit: Arc Photography

Back patio exterior

Photography Credit: Arc Photography

About The Author

Brenda Parker - Architecture

Brenda does a super job as a Project Manager and Project Architect helping clients keep their many ducks in a row. Her managerial skills are only part of what she brings to the table – Brenda is a certified geek when it comes to coordinating with company’s technology teams to get their wish list incorporated into the built structure (and have it all function). Brenda loves jigsaw puzzles. She uses her jigsaw-solving skills to find solutions to organizing complex space programs into the footprints of buildings. Brenda is also one of CBusArch’s resident sustainability experts and LEED documentation extraodinaire.

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