Nationwide San Antonio Past/ San Antonio, TX
Nationwide San Antonio San Antonio, TX

With flexible spaces, an emphasis on collaboration, and employee wellness and initiatives, Nationwide is providing their Associates an environment worth calling home.

Dan, Brenda, and David helped us create my favorite suburban office building in the Country.

—Brian Ellis, Nationwide Realty Investors
Year of Completion



280,000 sq. ft.


LEED Certified

San Antonio is a highly competitive market for employers to retain their employees. Brenda Parker led a team that efficiently designed for the client’s desired program operations with a flexible approach to accommodate for future growth all while helping with associate retention. The indoor and outdoor recreation spaces as well as the contemporary café and coffee bar commons assist Nationwide with this goal. Designers now at The Columbus Architectural Studio created a solution that merged the idea of home living room setting with workplace sensibility to create a comfortable yet flexible environment accommodating a variety of work styles among the Nationwide associates.

As the building’s interior defines the way Nationwide accommodates its associates in the 21st century work space, Dan Hanes and David Tyler designed an envelope that reflected its contemporary use and highlighted the San Antonio hill country landscape. The use of dark metal and large expanses of glass complement the wonderfully landscaped site and allowed for integration of interior workspaces with unique vistas.


Photography Credit: Michael Robinson

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