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Posted by Bayli Friz | October 10, 2023 | Culture

The Columbus Architectural Studio has maintained a longstanding relationship with the Haslam Sports Group, collaborating to enhance the comfort and style of the Columbus Crew’s facilities. The most recent project entrusted to The Studio aimed to create more premium experiences for soccer fans. Introducing the ‘Theatre Boxes,’ The Studio successfully delivers on this objective.

Situated atop the lower bowl, in close proximity to the home team section of the stadium, these Theatre Boxes provide attendees with an intimate setting amidst the crowd’s dynamic action and energy. VIPs are treated to plush lounge seating, accompanied by televisions for reliving exciting moments. To ensure no moments are missed, dedicated wait staff deliver any food or beverage orders placed. Whether hosting a small party or attending individually, the Theatre Boxes offer an unforgettable and elevated viewing experience for all.


Seats are located in the lower bowl of 101 and 102, right by the Nordecke.

Our team got to experience it first hand.


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Taking an unconventional path into the design world, Bayli Friz left the social work field to make lasting change as an interior designer. Holding a unique view on the impact environments have on an individual, she’s excited to help create spaces that are accessible, inviting and inclusive to all. As a recent graduate from Columbus College of Art & Design, Bayli joined the Columbus Architectural Studio early in 2023. If she’s not rearranging her apartment for the umpteenth time you can catch her at Nationwide Arena cheering on the Blue Jackets.

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