A Rental to Renovation

| April 5, 2017 | Culture
Kitchen Renovation

Whether it’s a brand new build, or renovating an older home, it seems only natural for architects to want to design the space where they spend the most time (that is, outside of the office of course!) My husband and I were afforded the opportunity to renovate the house we had rented for four years after our landlord offered to sell it to us. It’s a small, older home in an improving neighborhood just outside of downtown, and we’ve loved our short commutes to work and being within walking distance to dozens of great restaurants and other Columbus happenings. However, after being a rental for so long, it was in need of some TLC in order for it be a space we would be proud to call our home.

After spending the better half of 2015 eating dinner at the Giant Eagle salad bar while our house was completely gutted, we finally created a space that suits us and uses the just-over-1,000sf floor plan as efficiently as possible.

Detail shots of the living room

Over the past couple months we’ve been honored to have the house featured in a few different publications. The prominent design blog, Design*Sponge highlighted our home in February 2017, and the local magazine, 614, also did a small piece about our space which was featured in the March 2017 print issue.

As any homeowner knows, a house is never completely done; there’s always another project to add to the never ending list. But I think to safe to say we’ve finally arrived to a point where we can relax and enjoy the space we’ve created, for now, at least.

All photos by Megan Leigh Barnard

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