Ty Tucker Tennis Exterior
The Ty Tucker Tennis Center Past/ Columbus, OH
The Ty Tucker Tennis Center Columbus, OH

The new 75,000 square foot Tennis Center is a state-of-the-art practice and competition facility at the heart of Ohio State’s Athletic District.

The Studio was hired for their expertise in the sports and recreation markets relating to design for spectator sightlines and functional locker room and player amenity areas. The 75,000-square-foot facility features six indoor courts with theater-style spectator seating. Plus, three loge boxes that serve as a VIP area, a unique feature to collegiate tennis courts. Fans now have a great view of all the on-court action, restrooms and concessions were carefully located to keep views for every indoor match. Full height windows along the mezzanine level allow for panoramic views of the exterior courts, as well.

Locker rooms and training facilities for both the men’s and women’s teams are perfectly positioned for access to the interior and adjacent exterior courts. One feature the building namesake and Director of Tennis at Ohio State, Ty Tucker, specifically requested is a rotunda-style locker room, designed so every player has a common space and view of the coaching wall. Frosted exterior windows in the locker rooms might seem like a small detail, but it’s one that makes a world of difference. “The windows give players natural light and a sense of what’s happening outside while maintaining privacy, which we thought was critical,” says architect Danial Hanes.

Ty Tucker Lobby

Photography Credit: Kate Horgan

Ty Tucker Court overview

Photography Credit: Kate Horgan

Ty Tucker mezzanine seating

Photography Credit: Kate Horgan

Ty Tucker rotunda locker room

Photography Credit: Kate Horgan

Ty Tucker Locker Restrooms

Photography Credit: Kate Horgan

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