Presidential Suite at University Square South Present/ Columbus, OH
Presidential Suite at University Square South Columbus, OH

The Studio focused on providing a healthy mix of comfort and formality as this would be a place of both important business and a resting spot for the President of The Ohio State University. Paying attention to the finer details, this office balances tradition, elegance, and productivity.

Having designed many office spaces in the past, this one was special as it would be the new home to the President of The Ohio State University. Mixing together functionality and comfort comes easily to the studio, and they were able to design a space filled with rich materials and custom details while supporting multiple break out points. Welcoming the president is a large suite filled with warm tones and elegant furnishings as natural light filters in through the space’s large windows. Custom details were a large part of this project which can be seen in the custom mill work both leading up to and in the office. The American Walnut pulls in warmth from the natural light and is played up by the softer toned from the furnishings and light features. Giving a nod to the occupant of the office, there are unique plaster details which feature the university’s iconic Block O and the state of Ohio which line the top of the ceiling. As the space needed to support a wide range of functions there are a variety of break out spots throughout. Upon entering there’s a plush lounge style area that invites less formal interactions while off to the side is the president’s private terrace. Venturing further into the suite there is a range of styled seating like the intimate location near its large windows, to a private conference room behind the pocket doors. This space is fit for a president as it perfectly balances formality, functionality, and comfort.

The Studio partnered with Robert A. M. Stern Architects for the interior design.

Combining beauty and function, these custom walnut pocket doors gives way to a private conference room.

Ensuring the space was worthy of OSU's president, there was huge emphasize on the finer details. Giving a nod to the nature of the office are the custom plaster work lining the edge of the ceiling, a block O and Ohio State.

The Studio has worked with the university on implementing certain standards for their offices, one of which being access to natural light. The large windows allow light to move in the space while showcasing a beautiful view of campus.

By playing with the hallway's lighting, The Studio was able to pull out the warmth of the walnut and elevate it into a grand entrance.

Textured wallpaper and softer furnishings create a level of traditional elegance in the lobby.

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Bayli Friz - Creative Manager

Taking an unconventional path into the design world, Bayli Friz left the social work field to make lasting change as an interior designer. Holding a unique view on the impact environments have on an individual, she’s excited to help create spaces that are accessible, inviting and inclusive to all. As a recent graduate from Columbus College of Art & Design, Bayli joined the Columbus Architectural Studio early in 2023. If she’s not rearranging her apartment for the umpteenth time you can catch her at Nationwide Arena cheering on the Blue Jackets.

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