Ohio Health Performance Center
Ohio Health Performance Center Present/ columbus, OH
Ohio Health Performance Center columbus, OH

For the Columbus Crew fans, the action takes place at the new downtown stadium. But, for the players and staff, the day in and day out training and recovery happens at the latest 45,000 square foot Ohio Health Performance Center.

Our team took the lead to concept, design, and transform the historic Crew Stadium in Linwood into a world-class training facility and, perhaps even more importantly, inviting home away from home for the players.

The project offered unique challenges both inside and out. Geographically, the stadium is in a great location. But it’s also an aesthetically challenging location surrounded by a large parking lot, shopping center, and the I-71 highway. Knowing soccer is about the outdoor experience, we designed a surrounding berm with life and growth to give the facility’s three soccer pitches an oasis-like feeling.

Similarly, the building itself needed to be bright and full of light. The long and thin design allows natural light to pour throughout the space, from the second-story dining room overlooking the field to the locker rooms.

From experience, our team knows it’s essential to take the time to understand how athletes, managers, coaches, and additional support staff will move through space each day. Much like considering a professional chef’s kitchen layout, there is a unique workflow to consider, and a well-designed, thoughtful space can make all the difference. For example, we incorporated nutrition stations throughout the facility where team members can quickly grab smoothies and snacks. The film room has tiered seating to make tapes easier to view. And there are sleep rooms where players can rest and recuperate.

Finishes add to the lightness and warmth of the facility with punches of color, fiber-reinforced lightweight concrete panels, dark metal, and aluminum soffit panels in a wood-like finish.

Ohio Health Performance Center Lobby

Ohio Health Performance Center Lobby

First Team Locker Room

Ohio Health Performance Center Training

Ohio Health Performance Center Cafe

Ohio Health Performance Center

Photography: Cory Klein Photography Studio

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