BMW Offices in Grandview Heights Present/ Columbus, OH
BMW Offices in Grandview Heights Columbus, OH

The Studio was able to create an office space for BMW financial group that encourages collaboration and ‘connected workplace’ strategy. Housing up to 800 plus employees, this facility is filled with amenities such as a game room, locker rooms for the runner and biker crowd, to numerous dining options.

The Columbus Architectural Studio worked with BMW financial group in designing an office building that promoted collaboration and ‘connected workplace’ strategy for its 800 plus employees. The Studio creatively incorporated all of the key elements BMW needed such as health center, locker rooms, dealer conference, canteen, open office space, and meeting spaces into the building. Focusing on ways to foster community and productivity, The Studio was able to expertly incorporate a wide range of break out spaces, different zones for dining and unique amenities. 


Knowing that a culture of community was important, there are a variety of different dining options. There are tea kitchens on each floor that duet as both dining and collaborative break out zones. To further promote employee engagement there is a coffee shop for informal meetings as well as a full service cafe. As part of The Studio’s design, they wanted to make sure that there were ample sources of natural light and access to nature to promote health. To achieve this they incorporated access to an outdoor dining patio, brought in a  surplus of windows to filter in the natural light, and even designed a breakout space where employees can observe a nearby eagle’s nest. With a special focus on productivity there are conference and training rooms that support various groups sizes from two to 100 people. Understanding the need for cross company communication there are creative breakout spots throughout the office such as along the feature staircase that connects all four floors, to smaller private moments throughout the office. Despite the user or group size there are creative and accessible spots for all. 

With a plethora of windows, employees have access to natural lighting to promote wellbeing.

The coffee shop has a more intimate feeling with its warmer tones coming from the wooden dividers, tile choice and the soft accent lighting.

The cantina supports a variety of seating from the long communal tables to the smaller booths that can also function as informal meeting areas.

Connecting all four floors, this feature stair also supports a work space at the bottom of its footprint and along the side.

On each floor, adjacent to the feature stair, there is a central recharge area that promotes cross building collaboration.

Supporting a variety of work spaces and styles, this break out zone allows for easy engagement.

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Bayli Friz - Creative Manager

Taking an unconventional path into the design world, Bayli Friz left the social work field to make lasting change as an interior designer. Holding a unique view on the impact environments have on an individual, she’s excited to help create spaces that are accessible, inviting and inclusive to all. As a recent graduate from Columbus College of Art & Design, Bayli joined the Columbus Architectural Studio early in 2023. If she’s not rearranging her apartment for the umpteenth time you can catch her at Nationwide Arena cheering on the Blue Jackets.

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