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The Studio’s New Home Present/ COLUMBUS, OH
The Studio’s New Home COLUMBUS, OH

After time spent in a temporary space, the studio has moved into a permanent home. The new space reflects our unique culture and is a comfortable and flexible environment for doing the work we love.

The Studio members were challenged with creating a permanent home on a fast time line as well as on a budget. While this challenge is not unheard of, when it came to our own space, we vetted out many options, learned a little bit about ourselves, and in the end, became pleased with our final outcome.

The shell footprint is just the right size for our 9 current members with some room for growth. The office space offers flexibility for a variety or meeting styles, a space for our reference materials and printing equipment, a kitchen area, a small focus room for privacy, as well as a wonderful view of the arena district’s pedestrian activity.

small meeting room

studio work space

The studio office space


studio materials library

Photography Credit: Megan Leigh Barnard

About The Author

Leslie Hoerig - Interior Design

Leslie has wanted to be a designer ever since she was five, when her mother informed her that being a grandmother is not actually an occupation. More drawn to the idea of creating spaces than objects, her path lead her to the University of Cincinnati to study Interior Design. This unique program included mandatory internships, which gave her a breadth of real-world job experience and took her around the country before leaving academia. After graduation (and a quick detour through Korea), Ohio-grown Leslie ended up back close to home, in Columbus. She’s fallen in love with the design community and the city as a whole, perhaps despite her best efforts, and is excited to feel rooted after her early adult years of frequent relocation. Her diverse collection of experiences has provided her with practical knowledge of every phase of the design process, and in a variety of sectors, including corporate, retail, and hospitality.

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