The Arena District Past/ Columbus, OH
The Arena District Columbus, OH

It all started with one project and a move to Columbus. With over a decade of collaboration with MKSK and Nationwide Realty Investors, our Studio’s principals have designed many of the districts transformational projects.   

Working with Dan Hanes on the Arena District over the past two decades has been an absolute joy and has resulted in happy clients, a renowned benchmark project.

—Tim Schmalenberger, FASLA, MKSK
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Nearly 3 Million sq. ft.

Yen and I moved to Columbus as Nationwide Arena was under construction. Having spent the first part of our careers working on large scale sports project, we decided to try something new. While  working with Nationwide on the design of the Arena, the development of its surrounding  district was beginning to take shape. In hopes of securing some of that upcoming diversified work, we opened a Columbus office for Heinlein Shrock on January 1, 1999. A few months later Brenda joined us and we began designing a new neighborhood for Columbus. Our authorship ranged from a movie theater, to a rock’n’ roll hall, a six-level apartment building, a 20 story Condominium, a Triple-A ball park, multi-use office and retail buildings, and all of the parking structures in the district. Over the next decade and a half, we have worked under different names, Heinlein Shrock Stearns, 360 Architecture, HOK, and in collaboration with some of the most talented design firms in Columbus. It has been an honor to have had a hand in the transformation of the Arena District in the city we call home.

-Danial Hanes

Photography Credit: Megan Leigh Barnard

Dan Hanes Architect
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Dan Hanes - Architecture

Danial was born in Alaska to Midwesterners who were long on love but short on spelling ability. He grew up in many cities and Air force bases throughout the world. Right out of Architectural school he started working on many large, complex sports projects across the country including Chase Field, Miami Heat Arena, an Olympic Stadium in Atlanta, and Madison Square Garden. While this work was rewarding, all of the required travel meant he only saw his wife and two small children on weekends. Looking for a change that would allow more time with his family, an opportunity of a lifetime opened up. Nationwide was planning to develop a district around their newly designed Arena. Consequently he moved with his family to Columbus in 1999 and has since worked on many notable Columbus projects, including: Huntington Ballpark, The Scioto Mile, Nationwide Arena District, Northbank and Parks Edge condominiums. Danial has also been involved in the local design community as a guest Critic for the Knowlton School Architecture and served as a board member for the Center for Architecture and Design.

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